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Stories belongs to us all. We listen to every child’s and hope to discover their next favorite one, together. Bookbug is fueled by a deep appreciation for children’s literature and is inspired by the revolutionary Kalamazoo Promise. We believe in the power of removing economic barriers to education and in the right every child has to celebrate voice and story. We know that placing beautiful, well-matched books into a child’s hands has the potential to alter a life in small and profound ways and are humbled by our task to offer favorite well-matched books to young people and to those who care for them.

Ask Bookbug more about

  • Our in-store and in-school Book Fairs
  • Curated Book lists and discounted fulfillments for educators and schools
  • Book talks and Events for Families and Educators

Art Supplies

Bookbug is also a proud haven for visual artists seeking supply. We have a wide selection of tools and media for all levels of artists interested in a known or new technique, including, but not limited to: screen printing, print-making, oil painting, watercolor painting, and acrylic painting. We celebrate visual artists in our community as vital storytellers, who are inextricably linked to our mission, and deserving of a physically present, thoughtful source of creative supplies.


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